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Drug & Alcohol Testing Services Laboratory Results in 24 Hrs

An Overview Of Our Services

MECX Medical provide a number of services:

Workplace Alcohol & Drug Testing Services

Workplace Medical Health Screening Programs

First Aid At Work Training Courses.

All our services are provided in the workplace & we have a rapid turnaround of any testing results.  We offer our services across various industry sectors including Rail, Construction, Transportation, Healthcare & Security.

Our specialist healthcare team have over 20 years of experience in the medical arena.  We understand that it is imperative for employers to regularly screen their employees in order to ensure the safety and well-being of all those employed. We even provide an immediate D&A service (post incident investigations) to those businesses who need urgent support.

So why not contact our medical support team now to ensure the safety and well-being of your employees and improve business productivity levels!

Drug & Alcohol Testing Services

We offer regular Drug & Alcohol Testing Services to those companies wishing to conduct pre-employment, random or periodic D & A screening.  Our regular screening programs ensure that employers can be confident that those they employ are totally free of illegal drugs or not subject to substance misuse. We are also able to help companies devised their drug & alcohol testing policies together with helping them to conduct random, regular & periodic screening in order to ensure the well being and safety of employees operating within the workplace. Why chose us?

Our Urinary Analysis Tests for 14 Main Drugs

We provide On-site D&A Testing with Immediate Results

We have our own Laboratory & Toxicology Experts

We have Offices located Across the UK

Medical Health Screening Programs

A sick employee can cost their employers up to £975 a year through a combination of direct costs in sick pay, lost output and the provision of temporary staff.  This is where the team at MECX Medical can help by providing your business with a comprehensive range of affordable Medical Health Screening Services which can be tailored to suit your specific business needs.  Also to minimise any work disruption or employee downtime, we offer on-site Clinical Medical Screening directly at your business premises, meaning you and your employees don’t have to go anywhere.

First Aid At Work Training Courses

At MECX Medical we offer various types of First Aid at Work Training Courses including:

HSE First Aid At Work (3 day course)

HSE First Aid At Work (2 day course refresher)

HSE Emergency First Aid At Work (1 day course)

Our courses train candidates on how to manage an accident scene which occurs in the workplace effectively whilst at the same time communicating and delegating various needs until the arrival of the Emergency services. Each course varies in depth but will educate candidates on the skills required in order to deal with a casualty or an accident at work. Training courses may also include areas such as what to do after an accident at work, how to follow reporting procedures & the correct disposal of clinical waste.

Meet our Core Team


Robert Burrus

Managing Director

Rob is a very focussed professional with extensive experience in business and operational strategy.  He has worked across a multitude of industry sectors including Rail, Construction, Engineering & Telecoms. He has a proven track record of enhancing shareholder value with a keen eye for business development opportunities.


Lee Hopwood

Data Security Compliance Manager

With over 30 years of document control experience within many industry sectors, including Rail, Transport, Construction and other industry sectors Lee is passionate about delivering delivering exemplary customer service and ensuring strict document & policy compliance.

rhiania burrus

Dr Rhania Burrus


Dr Rhania is a professional specialty doctor with an MBBS and BSc in microbiology and Biochemistry. She is very passionate about healthcare and has worked in various specialties in many hospitals throughout the NHS, as well as training Junior Doctors. Currently, she is pursuing a career in occupational health.


Adele Magdij

Laboratory Technician

Adele graduated with a high classification honors degree in Biomedical Science. She is very professional and enthusiastic about science and is looking forward to a productive and prosperous career. She also has expert training in the use of the latest technology for efficient Drug and Alcohol testing and helped with the training of others.

Deborah Lillis

Deborah Lillis

Head of Marketing

With over 25 years of marketing & sales experience within many industry sectors, including Pharmaceutical, Rail, Transport, Construction, Leisure, & Healthcare; Debs is passionate about marketing, sales & delivering exemplary customer service. She’s worked with brand names such as Serco, Pirelli, Tesco, MECX Group, Tesco’s, Boots & the NHS.


Victoria Mcinerney

National Sales Director

With over 15 years of fast paced sales & management experience across the UK Victoria has gained some invaluable interpersonal skills. An instinctive communicator with a warm personality & she enjoys building strong relationships with customers. A specialist in account management and business development having worked with brands such as Coca Cola, AIG and the Daily Mail Group.


Matt Hudson


Matt is both a Director and Head of Recruitment & Support Services. He has almost 10 years experience of operating within the Rail Recruitment industry. Matt is also a part qualified Accountant so he’s constantly got his eye on any management figures! What’s more Matt has a passion to drive our team to deliver unrivalled service levels which he believes will ensure happy Clients.

Want to Discuss Your Employee Wellness?

mecx medical occupational health screening services

Workplace Drug & Alcohol Testing will certainly help to increase your business productivity.  It will also help to reduce any absenteeism and ensure that your business is compliant with Health & Safety laws.  So why not give us a call or book an appointment with one of our Health Advisors so we can discuss your business screening needs.

Our team of highly trained nurses and doctors use the latest laboratory equipment and testing technologies in order to provide the most efficient drug and alcohol screening services available in the UK.  We also have a nationwide collection service, backed with full chain of custody procedures and what’s more we are fully RISQS Accredited.

Book Appointment With Our Health Advisors

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Why Chose MECX Medical?

mecx medical testing unit Viva ProE

We Use The Latest Viva-ProE Technology

The Viva-ProE System utilities advanced instrumentation and intuitive integrated software to assist with mid-volume drug-testing optimise efficiencies, workflows and workspaces.  With on-board waste and water storage and a touch screen driven operating system it has been precisely engineered and designed to perform at the highest levels of testing and drug analysis.

Fast 24hr Turnaround Service

At MECX Medial we offer the fastest laboratory confirmations with results issued within hours if required. What’s more we can provide immediate response drug and alcohol testing services post any incident investigations. Our team are also on hand to discuss your required needs for regular drug and alcohol screening programmes that you may wish to set up.


Nationwide Collection Service

At MECX Medical we offer a nationwide collection service for Point of Care Testing and Laboratory Analysis.  What’s more we offer a super-fast turn around of results for any drug and alcohol testing that we perform.  Our team of experts on hand to help whatever your needs. Leaving you with peace of mind and being secure in the knowledge that your workforce is safe.

The MECX Medical Difference

Pre-Employment Testing Services

Our mission is to provide the highest standards of drug and alcohol testing whilst incorporating a holistic approach toward employees who are being tested and the outcome diagnosis of results.

Mecx medical drug testing services

Periodic & Random Testing

We provide hands-on drug & alcohol screening & testing services at either your offices or indeed at your employees place of work.  Our fast turnaround service ensures that both you & your employees soon have peace of mind.

Industry Specific D&A Screening

We focus offering our drug & alcohol screening services into various industry sectors which include Rail, Construction, Avaiation, Transport, Security plus many other sectors, whilst ensuring absolute integrity.

Our medical team are passionate & highly qualified experts in their field and absolutely dedicated to delivering a personalised service in order to maximise your business’s productivity levels whilst ensuring the well being and safety of all your employees!

Customer testimonials

Client Testimonials

Just wanted to say thanks to you and your team who were extremely helpful in getting all of our employees through their D&A tests very quickly.

Hillary Green

Client Testimonials

Your medical team surpassed our expectations when they came to our offices and carried out our yearly occupational health assessments on our employees.  Well done to you all.

Veronica Simpson

Client Testimonials

A first class, fast turnaround service with medical staff who are exemplary!  Well done all at MECX Medical, we will definitely be using your services again.

Tom Jameson

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