Encouraging your workforce to stay fit & healthy is good for business. The healthier your employees are, the fewer the sick days they take.  All in all, this translates to improved productivity and a much happier workforce. So, how can you encourage a healthier workplace?

Benefits to the Business

The most valuable asset to any company is that of its people, and investing in their health is just as important as any other business investment. So, offering your employees regular occupational health checks & drug & alcohol testing services will translate into:

 √ Lower staff turnover

A more productive workplace

Less work-related accidents

Less conflict in the workplace

Lower absenteeism rates

Lower Insurance rates

Reduced recruitment costs

Drug testing in the workplace might seem like an invasion of privacy to many. However, in reality, it is a vital aspect of workplace safety, particularly in those industries where there are risks to workers and the public. Drug testing has a vast array of benefits in the workplace, not forgetting the deterrent effect it has on existing staff while also being used to test new employees.

Benefits for the employee

For employees, regular health & drug screening services provide peace of mind & an opportunity to reflect on their lifestyle choices. Screening also helps employees to learn more about their own health whilst being made aware of any health issues they might not have known about. Health screening also provides reassurance that their employer is genuinely concerned about the health and well-being of their staff:

 √ Improved Morale

 √ Improved Mental Health & Well-being

 √ Better Job Performance

 √ Enhanced Lifestyle Choices

 √ Enriched Work Life Balance

MECX Medical Offers Tailored Health Assessments

The team at MECX Medical offer tailored Occupational Health Assessments & Drug & Alcohol screening services to companies from all industry sectors.  Our extensive health screen services include:

 On-site full medical screening by one of our Clinicians

√ Height, Weight & Body Mass (BMI)

 Drug & Alcohol Testing (Pre-employment, Periodic & Random Testing)

√ Blood Pressure Measurement

√ Eyesight

√ Hearing (Audiometry)

√ Respiratory/Lung Function (Spirometry)

√ Urinalysis Check (Diabetes)

 Musculoskeletal Assessment

 Well Being & Lifestyle Advice

 Telephone Consultations with our Occupational Health Advisors

√ General Fitness to Work Medical

So why not give our specialist Medical team a call today on 020 8242 4397 for a competitively priced quote and a health care program that will fit your business needs!