Whether you are a business that works in the construction industry, the engineering sector or you are an office-based business, ensuring your staff are up to the job in hand is important.

Many people now choose to take recreational drugs on weekends and some choose to take drugs at home as a way of relaxing. As harmless as that might seem, this can soon become a problem and that can mean that staff inadvertently begin putting the workplace at risk.

Of course, some industries come with more risks than others. Working on a construction site comes with more serious risks than office-based jobs but the fact still remains that employees have a duty of care & are responsible for adhering to the safety rules of their employer.

While an employer, in general, cannot tell their employees how to behave once they clock off for they day, they can expect them to behave in a safety critical way when it comes to attending the workplace, and by making sure that their personal life and what they do does not overlap with their working life. This is where drug use can become a problem.

There are many people who believe that employers cannot force employees to take a drugs test but that is not the case. It is not as clear cut as some might think it is.

The truth is, employers who operate in industries where there are higher safety risks can put clauses into contracts which allow them to undertake random or routine drug testing. So once an employee signs this contract they are agreeing to the terms and conditions that are put before them. So, if an employer calls a random drug test then employees are going to have to fall in line and do what is asked of them.

Of course, anyone who does not take drugs will not have a problem with taking the tests and in many cases, believe that they are an integral part of keeping the workplace safe. However, if an employee refuses to take a drug test then this could indicate that they have concerns they might fail. It is at this point that the employer might have grounds for dismissal. So, if employees have agreed to drug testing as part of their contract, then they will have to go with it and that means that refusal is not an option.