Is Oral Fluid Drug Testing a Better Option?

One form of drug testing that is becoming increasingly popular in the workplace in oral fluid drug testing but is it a fairer option of testing for the workplace?

When it comes to drug testing in the workplace, it is as much about getting the right results as it is about making it right for the individual who is being tested. This form of testing is growing in popularity because of the small drug detection window which is around 48 hours. What is also better is the fact that the test is less invasive than that of urine testing and hair drug testing.

What might be more important is the fact that the test is almost impossible to cheat. As the test is carried out using saliva, it is collected from the individual directly by a collection office and so, it reduces or completely removes the possibility of the sample being altered or replaced in any way. 

The tests are now fully accredited and meet specific laboratory standards and that the means that the results can be used in legal and disciplinary circumstances. The results are quick with screen results being received the next working day. However, confirmation testing can take up to three days longer.

This test also comes with a Point of Care screening option which comes in oral fluid form. This offers the benefit of being able to determine whether an individual has drugs in their system at that moment in time. However, if a positive result is found, then it will have to be passed to the laboratory for further testing. The screen results, therefore, cannot be used for legal or disciplinary reasons. What they do offer is an indication that the individual could be under the influence. 

This is a test that fits perfectly with the workplace and it is simple and effective. What’s more, it also provides a high percentage of probability that the individual might have taken drugs during the previous few days. It can also help to reduce the disruption caused by drug testing, especially when testing large numbers of employees.