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Healthcare Drug & Alcohol Testing

MECX Medical provide Drug & Alcohol Testing Services to the Healthcare sector.  Our Testing Program is straightforward and simple and we turnaround any testing results within a 24hr period. Employment screening within the healthcare industry is highly regulated, however, drug and alcohol testing is not officially required by law. At MECX Medical we believe that drug and alcohol screening is a vital service as any healthcare workers who are under the influence of drugs or alcohol may put patients at risk and potentially increase the frequency of negligence or malpractice claims.  Healthcare workers also have access to powerful prescription drugs which in certain instances could result in theft or abuse.

A Healthy Workforce

Urine is the most common method of testing in the vast majority of industries and healthcare organisations. Urine analysis is primarily used because of the expanded drug test panels that other drug tests using hair or saliva lack. What’s more urine testing is very accurate and has been in use for a very long time.  At MECX Medical we are able to offer Drug & Alcohol Testing Services to Healthcare organisations for pre-employment screening, random, periodic or for cause related incidents, thereby ensuring a safe healthy healthcare workforce.

Mecx medical drug testing services

Random,Cause & Periodic Testing

Some Healthcare workers may have access to highly addictive medications, so it’s even more essential that healthcare companies deploy random, periodic and for cause drug & alcohol testing & screening programs.  Programs such as these will serve to protect patients and the safety of employees and are especially useful to deploy for workers who are in charge of distributing medications.

drug & alcohol testing services

D&A Testing Across Various Sectors

Our certifications include BS 10012 Personal Information Management, ISO 27001 Information Security and ISO 9001/2015 Quality Management. We also hold RISQS Certification Supplier No 3621 for the Rail Industry.  Our Alcohol & Drug Testing Services are offered across a number of sectors including Security, Aviation, Rail, Construction, Transport & Healthcare. Our rigorous laboratory testing services also ensure that every company we work with can be uniquely catered for.

Why Chose MECX Medical?

mecx medical testing unit Viva ProE

We Use The Latest Viva-ProE Technology

The Viva-ProE System utilities advanced instrumentation and intuitive integrated software to assist with mid-volume drug-testing optimise efficiencies, workflows and workspaces. With on-board waste and water storage and a touch screen driven operating system it has been precisely engineered and designed to perform at the highest levels of testing and drug analysis.

Fast 24hr Turnaround Service

At MECX Medial we offer the fastest laboratory confirmations with results issued within hours if required. What’s more we can provide immediate response drug and alcohol testing services post any incident investigations. Our team are also on hand to discuss your required needs for regular drug and alcohol screening programmes that you may wish to set up.


Nationwide Collection Service

At MECX Medical we offer a nationwide collection service for Point of Care Testing and Laboratory Analysis. What’s more we have a superfast turn around of results for any drug and alcohol testing that we perform. All of which will leave you with peace of mind and being secure in the knowledge that your workforce is safe and compliant.

The MECX Medical Difference

Pre-Employment Testing Services

Our mission is to provide the highest standards of drug and alcohol testing whilst incorporating a holistic approach toward employees who are being tested and the outcome diagnosis of results.

Mecx medical drug testing services

Periodic & Random Testing

We provide hands-on drug & alcohol screening & testing services at either your offices or indeed at your employees place of work.  Our fast turnaround service ensures that both you & your employees soon have peace of mind.

Industry Specific D&A Screening

We focus offering our drug & alcohol screening services into various industry sectors which include Rail, Construction, Avaiation, Transport, Security plus many other sectors, whilst ensuring absolute integrity.

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