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Sports Drug & Alcohol Testing Services

MECX Medical’s Alcohol & Drug Testing Services For Sports Teams & Athletes

It was back in 2017 that the UK Anti-Doping organised its first clean sport week which was started to help to fight sports cheats. Surprisingly the UKAD research which was carried out identified that 48% of UK adults actually believe that doping is widespread in sport.  While a staggering two-thirds of UK adults actually stated their faith had been eroded due to drug usage by elite sports performers. With sports stars earning more and being under more pressure than ever before, it is unsurprising that many high-profile sportspeople succumb to the temptation of recreational drugs and alcohol. At Mecx Medical we believe that prevention is better than cure. That’s why we offer random or for cause drug testing services to ensure the health, safety and welfare of athletes.  This not only promotes fair competition but affirms compliance with sports regulations, whilst identifying athletes who are improperly using drugs or alcohol and to assist them before they harm themselves or others.

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Why Test for Drugs & Alcohol

The number one reason for testing athletes and sports teams for drugs is it reduces  numerous health risks.  Continuous use of taking drugs has been proven to cause health complications ranging from strokes, damaged liver function, heart disease, impaired fertility, personality changes, mental health issues.

In addition, by taking a substance that allows the body to perform at higher levels than it naturally should, users can easily push themselves too hard and cause an injury to themselves, their teammates or their competitors.

As well as drug and alcohol testing services the team at Mecx Medical can also provide educational programming which will support in a positive decision-making process. The intent of our educational programming is to prevent substance use and abuse by athletes through education, testing, and professional guidance. Participants who are educated about substance use in sport are more likely to make informed and intelligent decisions about usage

drug & alcohol testing sports

Efficient D&A Screening

At Mecx Medical we provide our services across a broad range of sports sectors which include Football, Rugby, Basketball, Hockey, Volleyball, plus many other sport disciplines.

Our Drug & Alcohol testing services analyse any biological specimens found in an athletes urine in order to detect any prohibited substances, with a 24 hour turnaround from test to full results. If positive we provide a professional referral which will facilitate the appropriate treatment of, and rehabilitation of athletes.

We offer a nationwide service visiting sports clubs across the UK so there’s no need for your athletes to go leave the grounds.  One of our qualified nurses will visit to perform scheduled, random and for cause drug & alcohol testing services at a time and place that best suits you best.

drug & alcohol testing for rugby players

Screening for Healthy Athletes

Our MD holds a sports science degree and has worked with numerous sports clubs across the UK and Ireland.  Whilst working with various teams he Identified that there should more education & a concentrated focus in educating athletes on drug related issues and the mental effects that drug abuse can have on sports.  Indeed he was so conscious of this subject that he decided to put a programme together himself which went on to successfully educate numerous athletes from youth to the first teams.

MECX Medical strongly recommends that sports clubs have a specific drug & alcohol policy in place.  Any D & A Policy should make it abundantly clear that any athlete bringing drugs into a club, using drugs, or attending sports whilst under the influence of any drugs, is totally unacceptable. The Clubs procedure on conducting random drug testing should also be clearly laid out in the clubs D&A policy. If needed MECX Medical can create a bespoke drug and alcohol testing program together with a D& A policy for any sports, clubs or instituion. For more information on this please call one of our Medical Team on 020 8242 4397 who will be glad to assist.

Why Chose MECX Medical?

mecx medical testing unit Viva ProE

We Use The Latest Viva-ProE Technology

The Viva-ProE System utilities advanced instrumentation and intuitive integrated software to assist with mid-volume drug-testing optimise efficiencies, workflows and workspaces. With on-board waste and water storage and a touch screen driven operating system it has been precisely engineered and designed to perform at the highest levels of testing and drug analysis.

Fast 24hr Turnaround Service

At MECX Medial we offer the fastest laboratory confirmations with results issued within hours if required. What’s more we can provide immediate response drug and alcohol testing services post any incident investigations. Our team are also on hand to discuss your required needs for regular drug and alcohol screening programmes that you may wish to set up.


Nationwide Collection Service

At MECX Medical we offer a nationwide collection service for Point of Care Testing and Laboratory Analysis. What’s more we have a superfast turn around of results for any drug and alcohol testing that we perform. All of which will leave you with peace of mind and being secure in the knowledge that your workforce is safe and compliant.

The MECX Medical Difference

Pre-Employment Testing Services

Our mission is to provide the highest standards of drug and alcohol testing whilst incorporating a holistic approach toward employees who are being tested and the outcome diagnosis of results.

Mecx medical drug testing services

Periodic & Random Testing

We provide hands-on drug & alcohol screening & testing services at either your offices or indeed at your employees place of work.  Our fast turnaround service ensures that both you & your employees soon have peace of mind.

Industry Specific D&A Screening

We focus offering our drug & alcohol screening services into various industry sectors which include Rail, Construction, Avaiation, Transport, Security plus many other sectors, whilst ensuring absolute integrity.

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