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An Overview Of Our Services

At MECX Medical we offer comprehensive Drug & Alcohol Testing Services, Medical Health Screening Programs and First Aid Training Courses.  We offer all these services across various industry sectors including Rail, Construction, Transport, Healthcare & Security.  All our health screening services are competitively priced and we offer a rapid turnaround of any results. All our services are provided in-house or at a location which is convenient to our customers.  What’s more our specialist medical team have empathy with employees whilst at the same time they understand that it is crucial for employers to regularly screen their employees to ensure theirl health & well being. Boost your productivity levels and employee performance by contacting our medical support team now.

Alcohol Testing & Screening

MECX Medical offers an extensive range of professional, confidential and comprehensive workplace alcohol screening & testing services. Our specialist healthcare team have over 20 years of experience in drug & alcohol testing procedures and use the very latest testing equipment the Viva Pro in our laboratories. Businesses can also be assured that our laboratory test results are so efficient that they can be used in a court of law.  Thereby protecting your business should an employee formally dispute the results. What’s more we offer a 24hr turnaround results service giving you further peace of mind.

Mecx medical drug testing services

Drug Testing & Screening

With the widespread availability of drugs and alcohol there is an increased risk of substance abuse in the workplace which can lead to huge ramifications for both employees and employers. One of the best ways to ensure that your employees are working in a safe environment is to conduct random and periodic drug and alcohol testing.  Lots of studies have shown that companies who implement a drugs policy and conduct random drug testing reduce accidents, ill health and absenteeism.  All of which only services to boost business productivity.

Medical Health Screening

A sick employee can cost their employer over £975 a year through a combination of direct costs in sick pay, lost output and the provision of temporary staff.  This is where the team at MECX Medical are able to help by providing full Medical Health Assessments which cover:

– Height, weight & body mass
– Blood pressure measurement
– Eye sight
– Hearing (Audiometry)
– Respiratory / Lung Function
– Urinalysis check (for Diabetes)
– Musculoskeletal assessment

So why not embark you employees on a positive health journey by taking advantage of our Medical Health Screening Services!

Why Chose MECX Medical?

mecx medical testing unit Viva ProE

We Use The Latest Viva-ProE Technology

The Viva-ProE System utilities advanced instrumentation and intuitive integrated software to assist with mid-volume drug-testing optimise efficiencies, workflows and workspaces. With on-board waste and water storage and a touch screen driven operating system it has been precisely engineered and designed to perform at the highest levels of testing and drug analysis.

Fast 24hr Turnaround Service

At MECX Medial we offer the fastest laboratory confirmations with results issued within hours if required. What’s more we can provide immediate response drug and alcohol testing services post any incident investigations. Our team are also on hand to discuss your required needs for regular drug and alcohol screening programmes that you may wish to set up.


Nationwide Collection Service

At MECX Medical we offer a nationwide collection service for Point of Care Testing and Laboratory Analysis. What’s more we have a superfast turn around of results for any drug and alcohol testing that we perform. All of which will leave you with peace of mind and being secure in the knowledge that your workforce is safe and compliant.

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