Pre-Employment Drug & Alcohol Screening For Substance Abuse

According to recent studies it appears that 50% of employers no longer conduct any pre-employment alcohol and drug testing services on any new recruits. This is a huge decrease when you compare the figures to the 1990’s when over 75% of employers actually did so.

Could this be due to substance abuse going away? Well the simple answer is no. Substance abuse especially for prescription drugs and marijuana are now at epidemic levels, so there has never been a more important time for employers to properly test their staff. What’s more with employer liability claims going through the roof and strict health and safety laws there has never been such a need for regular drug & alcohol screening to be administered in companies. Regular drug & alcohol screening services not only offer long term cost savings but they improve work performance and reduce any health & safety issues.

The conducting of pre-employment drug & alcohol screening can also weed-out any potential employees from the recruitment process if they are substance abusers as often they will refuse to continue with their application because they know that they will fail the test.

Drug & alcohol testing services are not only smart for workplace and public safety they are also economical for employers. Research has identified that substance abusers are two times more likely than non-substance abusers to work for at least three or more employers in a single year, which results in substantial recruitment costs to employers. What’s more employers have the right to test for drugs so that they can maintain a safe working environment which not only protects employees but also protects the public.

The team at MECX Medical can help you with setting up any pre-employment, random and periodic drug and alcohol testing so why not talk to one of our health advisers today!