More than ever before, men are striving to achieve the perfect body and so, more people are turning to steroids. Once only associated with bodybuilders, they are now easily accessible for most people who have access to a gym and other users.

The main reason for many people to use steroids is to enhance their appearance, much of which is fuelled by what they see on television.

Anabolic steroids, as they are known, are relatively safe when used in conjunction with the advice of a medical profession. However, these steroids are not readily available on the NHS for those who want to enhance their appearance and so, they have to obtain them and then use them with no prior advice or guidance. This is where problems can arise, especially in the workplace.

While there are some people who use steroids to enhance their appearance, some use them to improve the way that they perform in the workplace. This is particularly true for those who have labour-intensive jobs or work in the security sector or even the military.

They are a Class C drug and that means that it is not illegal to be in possession of it for personal use. As a result, users have no problem using them. Despite this, they can use incorrect doses and that can put them under immense physical and psychological stress.

The body can suffer from liver failure, kidney problems and even a heart attack can occur. This is a risk if they work in a strenuous job.

While the physical risks are there, the psychological risks are also apparent and that can cause problems in the workplace. Users can suffer from aggressive behaviour, mood swings, paranoia and even hallucinations. All of this could put users and work colleagues at risk and so, steroid misuse could be identified with a testing program and a wider work workplace drug policy.

Hair testing is likely to be the best option when it comes to testing as it enables testers to provide a month-by-month picture. Hair testing is more beneficial than a urine test as it can show misuse over several months. This testing is non-invasive and accurate, enabling you to identify whether any employees are abusing steroids.