With Christmas fast approaching, the month of December can feel as though it is one that is far more hectic than any other month of the year. Aside from picking up Christmas presents from the shops, it is a time where people come together and enjoy time spent with families and friends – often, this will involve consuming alcohol, even during with week, which is something that maybe uncommon for many, yet the effects could be devastating.

Alcohol consumption during the Christmas period increases for most and even those who are not used to consuming large volumes of alcohol will enjoy a tipple or two but with that comes over-indulgence and increased risks in the workplace.

It is all too easy for people to become carried away with the festivities and some might find themselves consuming alcohol long into the night with not a care in the world for the consequences, particularly the next day when they arrive in work.

In the workplace, overindulging in alcohol can lead to several issues. The first is that many people might arrive in the workplace hungover which leaves them severely lacking when it comes to awareness and ability to carry out their role safely. The second issue is that they may still come into work under the influence of alcohol and this can lead to a wide range of problems. In many industries, employees are required to operate machinery and it is illegal to do so under the influence. What’s more, they are prone to errors, putting lives at risk.

Alcohol in the workplace is already a concern but at a time of year where people feel as though they can indulge a little too much, it becomes a significant concern. As a result, it is important for employers and management, in particular, to monitor staff and even carry out alcohol tests where necessary.

While employees should be mindful of their own ability to operate professionally and safely, it pays to be more vigilant as an employer. Especially at Christmas when people seem to get into the Christmas spirit a little too easily.