Employees, rightly so, are mainly focused on the success of their career. After all, a lot of hard work has got them to where they are today. However, without a healthy workforce, a business can seriously suffer.

One of the most common problems in the workplace and for employees is alcohol. As a result, it is important that Alcohol Awareness becomes a part of a company’s health promotional calendar but why?

Company’s Can Help Employees Make Better Choices

Many people choose to drink but many are unaware that they drink more than the recommended guidelines. In fact, 25% of people drink above the guidelines with 70% of these being unaware of just how much they drink. Therefore, providing employees with drinking guidelines can help them to make a responsible decision when it comes to just another tipple.

Help Mental Health

Many people deal with stress by drinking. This can lead to an array of problems including depression. People drink because it helps them to feel better but when they are not drinking they can suffer from a whole range of mental health problems. So helping employees to become more aware of the issues that drinking can cause will certainly help them to deal any mental health problems in the right way.

Reduce Sickness

As much as 7 million working days are lost to alcohol each year. This is a staggering amount and costs as much as £1.7 billion. This is more than that lost through the ten most common cancers. What’s more, alcohol misuse is also linked to cancer, diabetes, heart disease and stroke.

Working While Under the Influence

Whether employees are still under the influence of alcohol or working with a hangover, the chances are they are not performing to their best. Almost 33% of employees have admitted turning up to work with a hangover while some 15% have admitted to being drunk in work. This all leads to a lack of concentration, tiredness, reduced productivity and even a risk to other work colleagues.

Accident Reduction

When people attend work hungover or under the influence it poses a serious risk to others. This is particularly true in cases where workers undertake manual jobs or operate machinery.

Harness a Healthy Culture

People drink for a number of reasons such as socialising or dealing with issues. However, if you provide employees with information, facts and show them support, those who drink might be inspired to change their ways and that can lead to a healthier workplace.