Whether an individual is working in an office environment or in a physical role, alcohol can seriously reduce their ability to undertake their role effectively. However, alcohol is often a go-to for those who are suffering from problems or stress, some of which might come from their personal lives or it could be work-related.

From a work perspective, it is important that managers and colleagues actively keep an eye on those who they believe could be suffering from alcohol abuse. It is important that the risks of being under the influence of alcohol in the workplace are reduced and that can be achieved through regular alcohol testing.

Despite this, employers must also have an understanding of the situation that the individual is in and so, it can help them to find out what is causing them to turn to alcohol. It is a fine line between dealing with the issue of being under the influence in the workplace and pushing them into a situation where they become a heavier drinker. This situation can result in employees spiralling out of control and falling even further into trouble.

If the reason for drinking is work-related then this is a great opportunity for employers to assist the individual. They can help to identify the issue and put it right, while helping the individual to avoid the temptation of drinking. Ultimately, this can help employers to improve the work environment while showing a level of care to the individual in question.

The risks of being under the influence in the workplace are significant, especially in an environment where they are handling machinery and equipment. Therefore, it is vital that alcohol testing in the workplace is utilised correctly. This will not only help individuals to perhaps curb their excessive consumption of alcohol but it can also help to keep the workplace safe.

So, there is the wellbeing element of managing alcohol in the workplace as employers have to be seen to offer the help and assistance that an individual might need. However, they also have a duty and a legal requirement to ensure the highest standards of safety. This is where alcohol testing can make the workplace a better environment for all.