We all understand the importance of a good work-life balance. However, many employees are still struggling to find that balance. A mixture of stressful work environments, heavy workloads, pressure and long hours can leave people feeling exhausted but what can happen when it all becomes too much?

Ultimately, people become at risk of burnout and that can leave them looking for all kinds of ways to deal with this feeling such as drink and drugs.

When employees suffer from burnout, they feel physically and emotionally drained and they are unable to face the demands of the workplace. It leaves people feeling stressed and it can lead to a range of mental health problems.

If it is not identified or managed then it can lead to problems with relationships, a lack of self-care and in many cases it can also result in addictive behaviours such as drinking or drug-taking.

Burnout is undoubtedly bad for the employee but it can also have a negative impact on businesses. It can cause low productivity, reduced output increased health issues all of which can lead to more time off work.

What Are The Causes?

Burnout in the workplace is often down to a number of things. This can involve employees who feel worthless and put too much pressure on themselves. A lack of control and unfavourable dynamics in the workplace can all lead to people experiencing burnout.

It is often common for them to experience a lack of support while they struggle to cope with the demands that are placed on them.

What Can Be Done?

Regular medical health screening programs will ensure that your employees are taken care of and that any stress related symptoms are identified sooner rather than later. Health screening by a professional medic will also enable employees to talk confidentially about any problems or health issues they maybe facing.

However, if an individual is suffering and has turned to alcohol or drugs but is still in the workplace then an alcohol or drug test might be required to ensure that they are fit to work and are not putting others at risk.

Burnout can affect people in many different ways but understanding the signs and the triggers can help to manage it effectively. So whether your business need regular medical health screening programs or drug and alcohol testing services then the team at MECX Medical is here to help!