Drug testing has a vast array of benefits in the workplace, not forgetting the deterrent effect it has on existing staff while also being used to test new employees.

Drug Testing Existing Employees Randomly

Any business owner or manager can gain a huge amount of confidence from drug testing in the workplace. It guarantees that employees are fit to carry out their role, free of drugs while ensuring that others remain risk-free. The tests are commonly performed randomly and although the tests are not used to determine whether someone is fit to work, they are used to detect recent drug use if the test is returned as positive.

For illicit drugs, the most common test is a urine test as this can detect drug use in the last few days. However, a positive test does not mean that the individual was not capable of carrying out their role at the time of the test. As a result, if users stop use for three days, the result will come back as negative.

When drugs are detected using oral fluid, it suggests that drugs have been used in the previous 24-hours and this can help to determine whether an individual is impaired.

Drug Testing Job Applicants

It is common for some industries to drug test job applicants to ensure that they are not drug users. So, in these instances, a 3-centimetre hair sample will be sufficient enough to determine whether someone has used drugs within the last three months. So, many industries will require a negative urine drug test as part of the condition for employment. This will give them the ability to detect drug use within a window of around 3 to 5 day. However, if the candidate is informed of the test then they can abstain prior to the test, which makes the results non-conclusive.

Many organisations will opt for a urine test as the cost of a hair test is believed to be expensive but that is not the case. What’s more, if it can detect whether someone has used drugs within the last three months then it is a price worth paying. This is all down to the fact that a user can simply stop using for a few days leading up to the test if they are told that they will have to undergo a urine sample drugs test.

So, drug testing is a crucial aspect of many industries and that makes it important that their policies are clear and concise.