Encouraging your workforce to stay healthy is good for business. The healthier they are, the fewer sick days they take and that means improved productivity and a happier workforce. So, how can you encourage a healthier workplace? At the start of a new year, there is no better time to encourage a healthier lifestyle.

Healthy Eating

Whether you are a workplace that offers access to a canteen or even a vending machine, you can help your workforce to make better choices. Of course, it is difficult to tell employees how to eat, especially when they have the option to eat what they want. Large businesses can run a subsidised canteen that offers nutritious food. Of course, smaller workplaces don’t have this luxury but they can provide employees with information that can help them to make informed decisions.

Create a Feeling of Community

The aim is to make employees feel as though they are more than just a number. Encouraging better mental health and wellbeing can help to create a sense of community. This can help to improve communication between managers and staff while it can help to remove any barriers when it comes to difficult conversations.

Offering exercises such as meditation, yoga or pilates can bring people together and that can make them feel good.

Encourage Scheduled Breaks

Employees are entitled to lunch breaks but you can encourage them to take smaller breaks such as grabbing some fresh air for ten minutes each morning or afternoon. These breaks are great for clearing the mind and getting the workforce refreshed. If you have space, you could even create a dedicated area where they can go to relax.

Keep the Workplace Clean

While you will need cleaners to clean the workplace, you should also encourage staff to take care of their own hygiene. They should be encouraged to keep their desks clean or to clean up after they have prepared food in the kitchen. A cleaner office will lead to a reduction in colds, flu and viruses. So, give staff antibacterial handwashes or creams to ensure they do all they can to enhance hygiene.

Make Work-Life Balance Important

Of course, the needs of the business come first but ensuring that workers are not overworked is all about encouraging them to focus on their work-life balance. Explain that staff do not need to check emails or be at the end of the phone out of hours if it is not necessary and ensure that you arrange social events. Giving employees the chance to enjoy their downtime can help to increase positivity and productivity in the workplace